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Mobility is key, juggernauts have survival, and as the only class which can literally walk through the flames without dieing it is your best bet. Your CC's are effective at stalling a ball carrier and if you get knocked down you can usually leap up again.
Flames now do a set % of a player's health in damage each tick - sorry, but you can only take 5 ticks (if you have more than 80% health - pretty sure the ticks are 20% health each) from firepit just like every other class (sure, you can pop Endure Pain to buy yourself 1-2 more ticks, but you have to activate it after u've begun taking fire damage) and everyone can usually take an additional 2 ticks if they pop a warzone medpac or receive timely clutch healing. Furthermore, due to server-side lag, force push won't ALWAYS push a target in the direction you wish - also, any GOOD ballcarrier will wait for their resolve to fill before they attempt their final dash to the endzone (which negates jugg's force push as well as tankassin's force pull so you can only slow the target to 50% during this - while tankassin can slow them by 80% - usually enough to cause ball-carriers without cooldowns to be unable to reach the goal before their resolve depletes).

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Civil War: Assassin
Pretty straight forward, you are the fastest for reaching a location, you can stealth to defend points, you can restealth and interrupt without putting yourself at much risk to delay cappers, you can survive extremely well against groups for a short period of time (just like juggs of course), and you can force pull players away giving others valuable time to cap a console. Any time you are defending a particular location though and assassin or operative will have a significant advantage in utility..
Carnage Marauders are the fastest at reaching locations - sorcerers and assassins are fastest if they're within range of a carnage marauder's predation and use force speed, however. Tankassins can last far longer than any other class if they're solo defending due to self-healing being far superior to Immortal jug's + mezzes + combat cloaking + stun-locking and taking out the biggest burst dps attacker quickly. Tankassins are also great at solo-capping nodes with 1-2 defenders for the same reason (Immortal Jugs can't).
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Voidstar: Assassin
Besides the benefit of speed for reaching capture points and stealth for defending and attacking, you are more mid-range than juggernauts in a tanking spec. While the heavy AOE from a juggernaut may look nice, having to leap into the middle of groups is dangerous in the voidstar zergs. Assassin's can also pull healers or DPS into their own groups to greatly avoid putting themselves in dangerous positions inside the opposing groups..
^^ Agreed. But tankassin dps is significant enough to mention, though I'll give Immortal Jugg's an advantage for spamming Chilling Scream to slow down advances as enemies cluster to advance between rooms. Sins have an advantage in room 2 with the ability to force pull people that are crossing the bridges to cause isntant deaths combined with stealth-positioned AoE knockbacks to instant-kill clustered enemies crossing the bridge - Immortal Jugg will only be able to force push one person to immediate death.
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Novare Coast: Both
Neither offer a clear advantage here as the most important tool that a tank offers in this case is his taunting for damage reduction. Stealth may seem like a superior ability here, but you will rarely capture a node solo, and never against a good premade. Despite the massive crying neither assassins nor juggernauts have the necessary damage to take a 1 vs 2 in a true tanking setup unless you are fighting pugs. Being an assassin trying to stealth and take nodes might even hurt your team's success as well, as what would be most important are your taunts in heavy conflict locations and other abilities..
Taunting tactics work best at the southern objective and multiple taunt-classes can really screw up the enemy team with staggered taunts there, yes, but you're WAY WRONG when you claim that Tankassins lack dps for winning 1v2's. Good tankassin players dish out burst dps that comes close to rivaling marauders and can apply a 6-second stunlock. Furthermore, they can mez a sturdier enemy before engaging either the healer or burst dps that might be defending (usually the sturdy will stun-break the mez once the sin is shredding the squishy, so all the sin has to do is whirlwind or use force cloak and re-mez that guy and they'll pretty much always end up winning a 1v2) Tankassins have 3 instant damage abilities that will deal ~4k or more to medium armored enemies -equally geared- (energized shocks, procced mauls, and assassinate) and a fully stacked harness darkness force lightning will deal ~ 8k damage if the sin doesn't get stunned or knocked back - this will also cause the sin to regain ~ 20% health. Also, tankasin defensives are better than immortal jugg defensives - deflection causes all melee/ranged-based attacks to miss (well, this'll put a tank-assin over 70% defense chance, so they might still take a hit from these attacks rarely - lasts 12s and 3m CD - pretty much situationally identical to what Invincible does for Immortal Jugg) and force shroud (though it only lasts 5s, it negates ALL force/tech-based attacks, removes all DoT's/Slows/Roots/etc. and gives immunity to everything -including DoT's/Slows/Roots/STUNS- except weapon/ranged-based white damage) and it's on a 45s cooldown, so they typically use it twice in a fight.
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In the end what you will honestly have to choose is whether you like to stealth to get close to targets and being able to avoid a lot of damage for severl seconds, or being highly mobile with leap and taking almost no damage for several seconds.
Juggs are completely shut down if enemy team has classes/specs that apply roots in terms of mobility and roots are pretty much a stun for juggs (albeit, you can saber throw, but that's moot). Sins can break roots/slows with shroud and force speed. The only mobility advantage juggs have is force charge (and Intercede - but then you'd need typically need someone you consider less mobile to already be there) and yes, this is significant if you're facing bad players in a huttball match when they stand in key locations for you to take a significant position-gain but tankassin is superior in mobility in the other warzones. Furthermore, Tankassins can dish out big damage - Immortal Jugs cannot.
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