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Any update on the usefulness of Trauma Probe now? I know your first impressions had you still in the testing stages of actually taking points into Frontline Medic to get Probe Medic.
The effect Probe Medic has on Trauma Probe is too good to pass up. The problem with it is that it requires Frontline Medic, which I think is a good kiting talent but also ill-designed (you don't want to be breaking CC as a method of healing yourself). It can be modestly useful though when on the run, particularly when Hold the Line is active. Another annoyance is that this basically guarantees that Trauma Probe will never be on anyone but yourself (so you can Hammershot to heal yourself), which again is somewhat poor design. Overall though, it's a change for the better despite its kinks. Both of my objections may very well just be personal preference, of course.

EDIT: I also went and updated the First Impressions again, and will probably do so once more once I play with some min/max'd gear this weekend.
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