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It might have been answered but how do I actually solo kill someone? More often than not the baddies think it's good that the healer is attacked so they can focus on hitting that marauder that is healed to 100% every global cooldown by the enemy healer. So far I basically sticky grenade and plasma grenade weaved in with hammershots. Power shot seems useless for the ammo cost.
Commando healer, in my opinion, sucks at killing things. There are maybe three attacks which don't need to be channeled or activated? If you do really want to go put "combat" back in "combat medic" though -- Supercharge Cells increases all damage by 5% for the duration (I'd throw down a Kolto Bomb immediately, too, just for that added damage resistance). It also makes Charged Bolts free so you can spam it to your heart's content (or until it most likely gets interrupted). Probably the best burst you can muster will be Plasma Grenade > High Impact Bolt, especially if both crit. I'd also keep Full Auto, Plasma Cannon, and Stockstrike at the ready since they generally due a moderate to decent amount of damage.

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I'm still unsure about when you actually have to use the Kolto Bomb; I've now adopted the healing rotation you describe in your guide and noticed that I now manage my ammo more efficiently.
This might not make sense at first, but while Kolto Bomb is an AoE heal, don't think of it as one. Instead, it's an instant heal that happens to hit up to four targets. That's the way it should be used. In other words, unlike the other healing AoEs, using Kolto Bomb as a single-target heal isn't just practical, it's pretty much mandatory.

Personally, Kolto Bomb is off cooldown pretty much all the time. It is my single-most used heal, used even more than Hammershot. If I'm in danger or expect to be shortly, I throw it at my feet (this is also nice if your tank is in range or potentially friendly healers that may have grouped on you). Otherwise, I use it on a pack of allies needing healing OR on any particular target I am expecting to LOS me which would make a channel useless (this is common with melees ).

However I still feel less efficient than other classes to heal a whole group, do you feel the same?
I completely agree with you, Combat Medic is not a group healer. It's probably their greatest weakness and it really starts to show when the opposing team is stacked with AoE-heavy DPS and/or when the only healer on your team is a Commando. By that point its usually just best to start cutting your losses and letting less useful players die (I'm looking at you Sentinel, attacking the Imps as they drop from spawn on Novare Coast).

Combat Medic's biggest strengths are its effective HP (damage taken/deaths), durability, and sustainability, which should make you one of the most difficult healers to kill.
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