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Quote: Originally Posted by Vindrik View Post
There's no need to go on at such great length stroking your own e-peen. We don't care who wins or loses, we just want to play games.
I already told you who wins or loses -.-

I left my epeen with my sentinel that retired. No good sents/rauders to duel or beat me 1v1 made me bored

The ranked is cuz
1. I want to gear my guardian faster
2. Have fun as most people would call it? I personally prefer nude Skype calls with jwalsh for my fun, just sayin
3. Show that NS isn't the only guild with bis characters since none of em play their alts when we get home -.-
4. Show once again that I can predict the fuuuuuuture
5. Support gay marriage so I can get married soon.

P.S. we're enjoying the good imp players who are re-rolling republic and going MVP

<3 <3 <3