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Ok so I'm not a new player, but I couldn't figure out where else to put this. Earlier today I edited my interface and moved the light side/darkside toggle up to the top of my screen. Problem is, I didn't realize that where I moved it to it covers up some of the warzone info panels. Now whenever I go into the interface editor there is nothing to click on for that ls/ds toggle, I can't move it anymore!

Clearly I did something wrong or I am just plain stupid, help me please?
Quote: Originally Posted by Lhancelot View Post
This is funny, I actually just did this today. There's no way to move that stupid DS/LS icon now. All edges of it that allow you to move it on the UI when in editor mode are gone. I placed mine at the top also. UGH.
The LS/DS buttons have a handle to the upper left, click and drag that to move it. If you placed yours up top so that you can't see the handle, you might still be able to grab it even though you cannot see it. Just try clicking a dragging a few times in the general area where it would be. I had this problem before and I was eventually able to get it down.
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