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Jedi Knight - Human male, Light Side
Sith Warrior - Pureblood male, Dark Side
Jedi Consular - Miraluka female, Light Side
Sith Inquisitor - Twi’lek female, Dark Side
Trooper - Human female, Neutral, leaning Light Side
Bounty Hunter - Human male, Neutral, leaning Dark Side
Smuggler - Human male, Neutral, leaning Light Side
Imperial Agent - ???? either Dark Side male human or Light Side female Chiss

It’s hard to choose for the Agent, honestly, because there is a ton of recognition for it if you play as a human or Chiss, so it’s definitely one of those. Like, as a human, you get to have sex with more Imperial humans and you get to be super racist, but as a Chiss, you get entirely different lines of dialogue in some encounters. It’s also obvious that the “main” romantic interest for male Agents is Kaliyo, and you GOTTA be Dark Side to love that chic, so I’m kind of leaning in the direction that the “canon” Agent is supposed to be a male, Dark Side human, but then again, I personally feel more “right” as a female, Light Side Chiss Agent that keeps the Black Codex at the end, and hates the Sith.

Also, as for the Trooper, you can tell BioWare is biased to Jennifer Hale hardcore. So much so that they gave Aric Jorgan one of the longest, if not the longest, companion stories in the game. They even gave him one of the best chapters in KOTFE, Disavowed. The dude is meant to be your XO, and your LI, there’s no question about it. He’s written in such a way that, in my opinion, he seems like the Trooper’s “main” companion, much like Kaliyo to the Agent, Kira to the Knight, Mako to the Hunter, and Risha to the Smuggler.

But other than that whole spiel, I’m rolling a male, Nautolan Jedi Knight and calling him the canon version of the character in my head, ha.
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