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I like playing chiss because they are the smartest near-humans to my knowledge. But I feel like it only works for the bounty hunter and maybe the agent(they both seem like they were born outside chiss space it feels like).. But I think human supremacist male agent fits best.

I'm surprised they even let you play Sith Inquisitor as a pureblood at launch(don't know if they still do without paying). Why would a pureblood be a slave?

Obviously only Jedi should be Miraluka. Jedi can be anything, the majority of the Jedi Council is alien in the films.. I think some species have more of a reputation for potency in the force in the lore though.
It mostly depends on what we like for the different classes.

About IA, my personnal favourite is a female Chiss, as i like playing a female IA more than a male, and Chiss IA have dialogues that are for Chiss only.

My personnal take on SI is that considering :
- Kallig is never refered as alien unless the SI is an alien as well, i'd say Kallig's supposed to be the same species as the SI
- The size and shape of Kallig's mask, and if Kallig is the same species as the SI, then, every species with horns, montral or lekku is out.
- With the exception of Marr, the whole Dark Council is against Karrid becoming one of them because she's an alien and Annihilation clearly takes place after Ilum, so after the SI became a member of the Dark Council, which would suggest that the SI is either human or pureblood.
- I don't know how she calls Ffon in english but in french Zash refers to him as "the red one", which would suggest that he's the only one with red skin
Then, the SI is most probably human, even though i like mine more as a pureblood (well he's more orange than red anyways, so that could still fit with what Zash said).

But as to why a pureblood would be a slave, i see 2 options :
- the SI comes from a pureblood family who fell in disgrace and ended up as slaves (which seems to be what happened to Kallig's familly after he was betrayed by Tulak Hord)
- The SI is the bastard child of a pureblood noble or Sithlord and a human slave but inherited mostly pureblood traits and was raised as a slave regardless.

It's said on Korriban that the SW comes from a well known imperial familly so to me they're either human or pureblood.

I'd say that the other classes could be anything though. Except probably Cathar for a soldier as there are some oddities while playing a Cathar trooper during dialogues, especially if you romance Jorgan and he acts like he has to explain everything to you about the Cathars even though you're one as well.

But, anyone is free to HC whatever they want for their characters anyways, so it doesn't really matter in the end.
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