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I used mouseover healing in WoW for a long time. I absolutely hate macros of any kind (including mouseover). All they do is let people beat hard content without having to work hard. It lets people feel 'l33t' without any work going into it. I repeat: mouseover healing (and macros in general) do nothing but let bad players feel like they are good.

Stop whining about not having macros and get better at the game.
So let me get this straight. Because you suck as a healer you want everyone else to suck too? Strange logic that is....
Actually I think the argument would be more like: If you suck so bad that you can't heal a raid without mouseover then you really need to find another game. Oh no, you have to click to target, big deal. Click, heal, click, heal, click heal. Too complicated for ya?
I'll be honest, when I started playing this game - after having played WoW with addons and macros - I was worried about healing without them. I went so far as to create a tank as my first character on SWTOR. but my second character was a healer and it was not as hard as I thought it would be. In fact I now have one of each healer type: scoundrel/operative, sage/sorcerer, commando/mercenary (the bold is what I actually have).
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