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02.10.2020 , 12:51 PM | #5
Im leveling my Jedi Shadow as a tank right now. It's fine to complete everything as. I have my Operative as a Healer and just finished Dromand Kaas. It was fine because things still die so quickly but I think I might just go back to DPS and then go healer later.

I really wish changing disciplines would let you save your hotbars (like other mmos that have similar systems) so I can be a healer and have all my heals on my primary keys and then swap to DPS and have my DPS spells there without having to manually move them around.

I think if im going from DPS 1 to DPS 2 then it wouldn't be so bad but role changing is more complicated. I really hope this is one of those QoLs they are talking about implementing.
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