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The main problem is that the majority of "story" content isn't demanding enough for you to *need* to heal companions, so you don't get to practice healing while you're levelling up.
^ this is true.

I have levelled up as heals, all 3 specs, since I find that's the best way for me to learn your abilities and how the interact with each other.

For a solo-learning experience you need to do heroics on level (that is try to be about the same level as the enemies you're fighting) to get any chance to actually use your healing. Set your companion to dps and try to keep them and yourself alive.

Once you hit level 50 or so you should have almost all your abilities and the guides for your class will make a lot more sense when you read them. That lets you know what you need to change. You can also try walking into a veteran mode flashpoint solo with a companion, but I suggest waiting until you're max level before doing that.

If you have patient friends then you can do vet flashpoints with them and start testing out your heals. You can also try pugging flashpoints, but it's only the trash mobs on vet that you can test out your skills with since pugs tend to be obsessive kolto clickers.
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