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The bugs were intermittent, so I'm not really sure if they were fixed in V6.0 or I've just been lucky. If they were fixed, thank you devs!

Daily Bonus Requisition
- On the hangar screen near the bottom are up to 5 ships. There is a little purple "x2", and when you mouse over it, it tells you "500 Bonus Requisition Remaining" (or x < 500 if you have flown that ship a bit that day).
- There was a display bug, I think since the beginning of GSF, where it does not reset after the daily reset, and displays only x bonus or no bonus, but the player still gets the bonus at the end of the match. This happened only occasionally, not all the time. I haven't seen it at all since V6.0.
- There was an additional bug, which happened even more rarely, and I only saw it a few times in 2018/2019. The Requisition Bonus displayed was not reset after the daily reset, and the player actually did not get the bonus. I haven't seen this in V6.0.
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