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You are a bit too zoomed to your character, that made it quite hard to watch the vid/see what is going on for me. Also you might want to avoid jumping while kiting in this game, it makes your character move slower than normal if you haven't noticed yet.

Other than that, was alright.
Admittedly, jumping is a habit. But, sometimes it is also necessary. There are times when you are straight line kiting where you *have* to jump to land shots on someone behind you or to change directions and which shoulder you are firing over.

It's a bit harder to shoot people behind you that you are line kiting than it is in WoW, for example. In WoW you could actually run a straight line, pivot the camera behind you and shoot over your shoulder at people directly behind you. That's not possible in this game.

So, while jumping does slow your movement down it's still the fastest way to turn enough to shoot someone behind you. If you are able to circle kite someone then jumping isn't necessary but it is for straight line kiting.
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