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04.29.2019 , 01:43 PM | #9
This is a great idea. If I may be so bold (when am I not)...

I think it is strongly in everyone's interest -- including BW's -- for you to discuss both the Advanced Class Abilities and the Spoils of War categories sooner rather than later. Let's stipulate that I have several obvious and notable Hutt-like strengths. One of them, however, is not programming and coding. Reliable sources tell me, though, it takes a while to

If you want meaningful feedback on gearing and abilities and time to consider that feedback in a meaningful way such that you could actually incorporate it into 6.0, then you will need time.

My hope is that we don't go down the path of 5.0 to 5.6, where it took months of '"feedback" for BW to get it right -- a point essentially acknowledged by Eric and Charles in various podcasts. My profound fear is that when you do post the changes, particularly for Spoils of War, those changes will be locked in. I understand fully that opinions on the changes will vary, but having zero feedback on those changes before implementation is a mistake.


P.S. Please give my feedback priority as it will invariably be the best. <<sips martini>>