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Yeah, its being met with derisive comments, because other then in the increase req and reduced costs, they're not making it better in any way. All they're doing is saying, "Have some free ships new characters." That's not what GSF needs. GSF needs new ship classes, new maps, and new battle modes. That's what GSF needs.
That depends on your point of view, doesn't it? If you are strictly talking about veterans, who only play the game for GSF, then sure, GSF needs all those things.

But if you are talking about new player retention, I think these are improvements for which people have asked. There is at least one thread a week about the gear gap, or some variation on that theme.

I agree with you that GSF could use the infiltrators (re?)introduced, a new map, a new game mode, but it also needs some improvements to be new player friendly. These changes are for the latter, because they are low hanging fruit. When, for example, there are at least as many simultaneous twitch streams about GSF as there are about ground pvp, then they might decide to invest some time into the deeper changes you mention.

Take for example JoeNeverFails. He's got over a hundred people watching his stream at any given time and hundreds of followers. In the summer when the expansion to FFXIV comes out he will be playing that in place of or in addition to SWTOR. But right now he streams SWTOR 8-12 hours a day. This is how advertising and marketing and promotion takes place these days. If he shows a stream where he is piloting and enjoying himself, other people may try it to. We already know more people are playing it because the CXP and UC yield is great. They didn't come to try it out because there is a new map, or a new ship class, they came out to try it because the right carrot was dangled in front of their faces. Bioware can keep them if they don't feel completely useless every time they enter a match.

I used to be like you. I used to think double requisition weeks/weekends never did anything for GSF playerbase size. I thought the tie-in to the ground game with conquest would help the playerbase. Maybe it did somewhat. I used to reply to threads stating what GSF needed was more rewards: stronghold decorations, armor appearances, titles, etc. I thought last summer's DvL event before 5.0 launched would get more participation. Again, like conquest, a modest effect.

Then I saw what happened when the right incentive was presented along with a prolonged double xp/double CXP/double req event. Its our version of a magical happening really, a renaissance for GSF.
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