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05.10.2017 , 01:20 PM | #19
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It's kind of a shame that the first sliver of GSF news we get in over 3 years is already being received with some derisive commentary. It'd be nice if people could take a pause from the same old nitpicking and simply acknowledge that we are finally seeing something from the Devs after such an agonizingly long time.

I think most of us have learned to quell our optimism for any new development on GSF, but maybe this small move is a precursor of better things to come. Will bug fixes be next? I'm starting to get curious about Keith's pending roadmap. Dare to dream...
Yeah, its being met with derisive comments, because other then in the increase req and reduced costs, they're not making it better in any way. All they're doing is saying, "Have some free ships new characters." That's not what GSF needs. GSF needs new ship classes, new maps, and new battle modes. That's what GSF needs.

Yes I am aware that 5.2.2 is not a major patch, but all these changes could have waited for 5.3, and had all or some of what I listed above, in addition to this, and no one would have complained about not getting this measly little req buff sooner.