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Well you can get a Gunship and Bomber right after doing the introduction mission. You get 5k req and can buy the 2500 req bomber and 2500 req GS.
Yes, but the reality is that a lot of players don't know to use that 5000 fleet requisition in that manner.

The proposal is a form of hand holding, and maybe in some ways its better to let a person stumble a few times and scrape themselves a bit rather than pushing them in a wheelchair everywhere. The problem here is that its far too easy to fall into the trap of using the fleet req either to upgrade your existing ships (which, for most players at this stage are likely only the T1 scout and T1 strike) or buy a single higher tier ship that may or may not be effective in the meta: "Hey I LOVE the engines and wings on that Clarion ship, it looks just like an x-wing, let me spend my fleet req on THAT." Given the types of comments I see in the chat when I watch twitch streams of various streamers, and the people that write into, or perhaps are guests, even hosts, of podcasts, I think its safe to say that the majority of people who play do not read the forums.

Regarding GSF, I think its safe to say 60-80% of new players to GSF do not read the forums and have no idea what the meta is or how to upgrade their ships correctly. They would have no idea how ineffective strikes are, let alone how bad some of the stock T3 strike components are (not that stock T1 bombers are any better configured, but I digress.) Think about it: if all you had to go on were the flavor text descriptions of each ship in your hangar, and you just got this windfall of requisition, and you were new to GSF, it would feel natural to upgrade your stock strike. Most people, newly jumping in to GSF, would try flying a strike first and upgrading it first because they'd assume it is tankier, and more forgiving, than a scout, or any of the other tier 1 ships. Its too easy to spend requisition, and it is well within the purview of developers to either steer players away from bad choices that are disguised as appealing lore-based flavor descriptions, or make adjustments to the component menu, so that people don't start down the path of unlocking and upgrading charged plating on a T1 strike.
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