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Proper movement of hair objects is computationally painful. By that, I mean that although the mathermatical manipulations are reasonably well understood, computing them in real time is hard work, and all of the compromises that reduce the workload *also* degrade the quality of the appearance.

If the hair is not obstructed by armour, then the animations can be (mostly) pre-calculated and just played out(0), but as soon as it's necessary to take into account the presence of armour and/or back-carry weapons, it becomes necessary to let go of pre-calculation and do it on-the-fly. I think it would have to be a high / Ultra graphics setting to avoid issues on low-end PCs.

That said, some sort of hair-coloured "zone" that would be activated by a hat or hood would be nice. "Closed" hoods like the old-style class-story Jaesa tops (they were changed to hood-down back in April '19)(1) or the Vicious Adept top aren't so bad because it's hard to see that the character's hair is not there, but e.g. Dark Jaesa's "return" hood is "open" at the front which prompted significant (and deserved) adverse comment when it was released.

(0) I say "mostly" because certain styles should take into account things like wind. (This style for GW1 does, indeed, take the wind into account, but the calculations are very easy since only the two hanging strands are affected, and they can be treated like weighted rods without looking too odd. )


EDIT: Secret Worlds Legends (and the original game) supports hair-under-hats.

My character without a hat:

Same character with a hat:

Notice that there is still hair-coloured "hair" visible, but the ponytail has disappeared.
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