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02.21.2012 , 11:22 AM | #896
Quote: Originally Posted by Forcebacka
Not really, majority of players dont do blacklisting, if i get blacklisted by few angry nerds, so be it but so far me rolling need on anything i can use havent effected on my abilitty to find groups very fast. Also have to add that no one has left the group cause of that so i guess forum posters doesnt mirror the average player ingame.
Just keep rolling like that at lvl 50 and see what happens. There are several lvl 50s on the server I play who have been branded and are now stuck running all their dungeons with fresh 50s if they get to run them at all and raiding is out of the question for them. Thats just my server though. Your server might have alot less "angry nerds" but this is a star wars mmo so I doubt it.