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Where has anyone at any managerial level of BioWare said such a thing? Please provide a link?
Nobody at a managerial level has said anything like that. But a bioware spokesperson did give an inference that it's how they felt.

"We will probably limit the 'need' button to only people who match the primary class the gear is meant for."

I accept that this isn't proof of anything and I accept that it's no guarantee of anything. But he did say "we", not "I". And there is a clear inference that the "we" he's speaking of believes that need should be reserved for your character, not your companion.

And sure, you can say that he's not management, and you can say that he might not be speaking for the company, but truly, that's debate-tactics. In reality, he is inferring that bioware thinks need should be for your character.

The people using this as 'set-in-stone' proof that there's a rule are over-stating. I admit that. But this person, who is speaking for Bioware ("we"), did give that inference. To say otherwise (IMO) is simply trying to win a debate. It's not a fact, I admit. But it's a very strong inference.
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