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But I specialize in thread necromancy.

Also, I really wish Flashfire had Heavy Lasers. As good as BLCs work, I don't like the feel of them.
You've posted this is two threads, both old.

For what it is worth, heavy laser are a very good laser. But the thing is, you will do a lot more damage with bursts. If a scout actually had the choice between heavies and bursts, you really would have a build that uses the heavies. But the reason people get cross is that the flashfire has all amazing components- the LAST THING it would ever need is MORE of that. If any scout got heavy lasers, the type 3 scout would, balance wise, be the correct choice. But in practice, they are clearly meant to be a possible perk on several of the heavier ships- all bombers, two strikes, and a gunship get them.

I don't really believe that posts like this are meant to do anything but rile people up. You know that the ship already has BLCs, generally the best lasers, and cluster missiles, a very top tier high dps missile, and rocket pods, the highest dps secondary, along with a system choice of two offensive systems and an almost invulnerability bubble (and two other dogfighting shields that were probably even intended to be better), along with a choice of four top pick engine components (I think if you swapped k-turn with snap-turn it would literally be the best set possible out of all possible three buttons), and the very best set of secondary components, that the strike fighters are left wishing for (armor/reactor/thruster/capacitor, leaving the weaker magazine and sensors on the side).

Obviously going into two "battle scouts OP" threads and asking for battle scout buffs, while crapping on the borrowed gunship gun that keeps flashfires in the frustrating stack of ships, is meant to rile up people, especially the folks who think BLC is wildly OP, an opinion some do have (and you know it).
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