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Ok, I do find the need to play Devil's Advocate here for a moment. The fact that SSRs/SGRs weren't in the game at launch isn't anti-LGBT, imo. This is Star Wars. The ONLY referrences to SGRs I've ever seen in Star Wars, and the only two in existence, to the best of my knowledge, are in KotOR and KotOR II. Juhani in KotOR with a non-canon Female Revan, and Luxa in KotOR II with a female Exile. That one is just a suggestion, however. As to the KotOR Juhani/Female Revan, it's just one convo and nothing comes of it.

From some reports, Lucas himself is not a fan of the idea. Ok, that's his choice. But since Star Wars is HIS IP, it will probably have consequences here. I'm hoping he loosens up a bit, though.
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