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Five threads already? Wow. Thank you, Suaine, for posting all the info we have so far, and thanks natashina for posting the bit about the toggle. Here's hoping this will be the first of these threads without extensive toggle arguments.

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I've been reading the thread over the last couple of days and I would like to share this thought. Too much blame gets put onto Bioware for the lack of SGRs among other things, when the publisher could have as much if not more to do with it. Some people are automatically trying to accuse Bioware of shortchanging the LGBT player as some sort of deliberate act. I really think this isn't the case. A lot of those kinds of decisions(that lead to time constraints) are the publishers wanting the product to be shipped out the door asap. This leaves the poor development company trying to patch or otherwise work on content they intended to be in the game at the start. I love Bioware games, but EA has had a rather shady history of rushing products or trying to milk the consumer. I give BW a ton of credit for sticking to their guns and continuing to work on SGRs despite EA rushing ToR out the door. Even with a rather hurried release, it's still the most solid launch from an mmo I've ever seen.

The quotes from the devs at Bioware have given me every reason to believe that they are determined to give a solid product for all the many types of people that play this game. I get leery of their publisher, but the devs have proven my faith in the game company time and time again.
Agreed on all counts. Judging by how we're only just getting the Legacy system with the next patch - something I think BW intended to be in the game when it shipped - I think it's fairly safe to say EA rushed out TOR in time for Christmas. It's one of the sad effects of the business, but there's nothing we can do about it now.

The fact that BW was able to tell us, months before the game was released, that SGRs would be future content makes it clear to me that SGRs were always intended to be included. As I've said before, I think the reason we didn't hear anything more about them until the guild summit is because BW is keeping the entire story update patch under wraps until they're ready to give us information about it. While I'd love to hear more - as I think we all would - I am glad for what we've had so far. We've got BW's word that we'll get SGRs this year, so all we have to do is be patient.

And yeah, the idea that SGRs not being in the game from the start is some kind of anti-LGBT shun is just idiotic.