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11.05.2017 , 01:20 PM | #3282
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Everyone who subscribes to this game (along with anyone buying stuff from the cartel market) helps to keep the doors open so you can play the game you want regardless of how they play the game.
I agree. Server merges are happening. I want the game to thrive. I've played for five years, subbed for about 4.5 of those years, because I enjoyed it and to support the game. About half of that time in group content, and half as a solo player. I liked being in a small community, and may stop subbing after the merge. My leaving the game now means little. One player gone. Who cares? But, shrugging off the possible loss of a number of players (and by extension, the money they put towards the game) should stop.

Maybe server merges will bring a huge influx of new player cash to the game. More than enough to offset the loss of players who decide to stop playing because of the server merge. I hope so. I'd like the game to still be here should I decide to return. But, blithely dismissing those who currently are with the game, because of their preferred play style, isn't supportive of SWTOR's future.

Pro-server merge supporters: you won. Posts by players who aren't happy about the merge isn't going to change that. I'm not asking you to sympathize or understand why some folks aren't happy about the merge. Just to resist the urge to tell them to leave the game, and by extension take their dollars with them.