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That list is for PvE, this is based on the PvP aspect of the game. That order is irrelevant for PvP
I'm a little confused than,because DPS can only be measured by one Math formula. So if you are suggesting that there is a different math formula to measure DPS for PVP, I'd like to know what that equation is so I can veryify the legitimacy and accuracy of the alternate 'Only for PVP formula.

The last time I checked, it was impossible to measure DPS using any other formula than the ones used by mainstream Parsing programs for "PVE only DPS'. So I'm very curious as to the "PVP only DPS formula' which if it is different than PVE it is defying the Laws of Physics.

As the entire game is based on math equations I'd like to know what math equation is used to ascertain DPS in PVP.

Additionally, I'd like to know the name of the 'only PVP' parsing program used to do this as it's impossible to do in a person's head or with fingers and toes.

Funny thing is, I have used parsing programs in PVP and it seemed to me that the statistical information it provided when it was used in PVP was not only accurate per combat state and reset it was compiled in PVP in the exact same way it is in 'PVE. I didn't see any alternate math equations used.

I'd like to know the extent of the pool of players this alternate ranking was based.

The thing about math, it's always verifiable to an absolute extent.

Facts are based on irrefutable findings, if they weren't they wouldn't be facts yet, just a theory. So if what you are suggesting is true to a certainty it would be verifiable. And I'm sure you didn't come to believe there is a difference in how DPS is measured between PVP and PVE if you yourself didn't see the verifiable proof that there are two different math formulas and what those distinct formulas are.

I'm a bit sceptical so I'd like to see the PVP only DPS formulas to test the validity of it. I'm sure you would understand that I can't just take on faith when it runs counter to everything I am aware of that can measure DPS to a reliable efficacy in SWTOR. A different formula being used in PVP still could only be obtained through a parsing program, it can't be done in someone's head. I mean of all math equations could be done in someone's head, God wouldn't have felt the need to give us calculaters in RL. There must be also a PVP parsering program because it's just a different formula than the PVE formula and you need parsing programs in PVE to measure DPS you would need one that functions for the PVP statistical computation gathering as well.

There aren't options in mainstream parsers for different settings for PVE or PVP. I have never heard of any different parsing programs that cater only to PVP.

I'm into theory crafting [ on a very minor level because I'm terrible at math heh] and testing varying stat builds and rotations for efficiency and all that and statistical information pools found on Parsely which is like the "unofficial" headquarters for information of that sort as it's constantly being updated and provides a +5/-5 accuracy of the pooled contributions of the statistical information uploaded and updated for spec to spec comparisons.

There isn't a PVP section on parsley though. It would require a PVP only formula for that for reliability. Perhaps once the PVP only DPS formula is shared and verified scientifically a PVP section maybe one day be included once the pooled information was sufficient enough for reliable analysis.

Please let me know what the formula used in PVP to measure DPS accurately is. I definitely wanna do some rudimentary testing of it. I'm excited at the prospect actually, this is SO up my alley. I love this kinda crap heh

That alone will keep me busy for a month!

Be good yo.