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Scoundrels have the best personal survivability. However, they have the worst single target burst (which is the most important in PvP generally speaking). It's a trade off.

Also, if a sentinel dps, a guardian dps, and a sage healer couldn't bring a operative dps down, it means the 3 of you need to get better at dps (if it was a tank guardian, they should swap into dps gear tbh).
Scrapper/concealment isn't quite THAT bad for single target burst.

DPS by dummy parse (per Smarty's sheet):
Fury/ Concentration
Pyrotech / Plasmatech
Lethality / Ruffian
Annihilation/ Watchman
Vengeance I Vigilance
Hatred / Serenity
Innovative Ordnance I Assault Specialist
Virulence I Dirty Fighting
Advanced Prototype I Tactics
Engineering / Saboteur
Deception/ Infiltration
Rage/ Focus
Concealment/ Scrapper
Madness / Balance
Carnage I Combat
Lightning/ Telekinetics
Marksman/ Sharpshooter
Arsenal/ Gunnery
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