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12.02.2016 , 05:30 PM | #6
I still look at the game as a MMO even tho right now its been more of a solo player even with the uprising coming not all of us well take part in this type of game play. Even Wow has it per toon but achievements account wide. But this is BW/EA game and they do things there way. You can not all ways make every one happy. Words i had to put up with 2 + yrs ago when like you was into pvp in swtor but now see this as just another grind game. And we all know that ranked pvp was once great place for pvp but like the win traders it well soon see those hoping in the q for the CXP. I strongly feel it was a bad place to put the big CXp points. Cause soon a the non pvpers get the new what every its going to be to unlock its q well most likely flood it for the faster CXP and those that play it for the ranking well soon be stuck qq about the lack of pvpers in this q