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I feel like one of the core strengths of shadows has been the amount of control we have over our opponents. So for me i'd like to try to accentuate that strength with these suggestions.

Tactical item: Make your whirlwind into a sort of vortex. All enemy players within 8m of the target will be sucked and displaced to the same location (or 1m from the center) of the original target and creates a zone(8M around the initial target) that will slow all enemy players by like 30% for the duration of the whirlwind. The slow zone ends early if the initial target who was whirlwinded takes any damage thus ending the cc as it is now. Anyone who was not sucked in by the initial vorxtex(not within 8m of original target) but walks into the zone, will be slowed too.

Set bonus (I'm hoping you will add set bonus slots to other pieces of guys like mainhand/offhand to give us even more options to be creative): IF this is the case and say the maximum set bonus would be 9 instead of 7. I'd suggest the max/best set bonus to make all players be rooted for 2 seconds after the effects of any kind of cc is finished: this would include: spike(2s), force stun(4s), lift(8s), mind maze(sap/8s) and for the infiltration spec include low slash(4s). This would not include grenades.
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