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I agree that spike may not be used as much as other abilities, but I wouldn't call it useless. (So please don't remove it lol) There are times where it can come in useful ex: (In a ranked game you can use it to get a kill on a player which is low HP when you have no stuns left using it to be able to damage through CD's like evasion and get the kill).

However, It would definitely be good if the game encouraged you to open with spike more with lets say a 20% damage reduction buff for 6 secs. I was about to say stun immunity, but having more stun immunity's in the game would just be more annoying and considering you can avoid some stuns with shroud, it may be too much.

In regards to the set bonus I'd be happy if you centred it around force damage for the recklessness discharge and ball lightning crits, to be honest I already like the set bonus in the game at the moment mainly because of the auto-crit on maul makes for a really good high burst opener.

little bit offtopic:
(Since you're adding more depth to the game bring back crushing darkness for deception)
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