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Hello folks

Original post by tehrealdealz 05.05.2012 , 03:43 AM

" Having played WoW for 5+ years now, I can say that BW is right in refusing to implement any kind of arena into this game. Arenas were the worst thing to happen to WoW. If I recall correctly they are what lead to classes getting buffed/nerfed over and over again just for the sake of balance and in the end of I recall one the devs said that "Arenas were the worst idea they ever implemented in WoW". Also but most importantly arenas promote the whole "look at my rating, i'm better than you" mentality which just isnt needed in a new MMO like swtor.

In fact, and I know I can speak for I would say 75% of the player base when I say this, the whole reason I left WoW was because of the whole elitism that goes with the game nowadays. I wanted to escape that. Basically if your rating sucks, your considered a "baddie" and not worthy etc etc. Sorry but no i hope BW never implements arenas in this game as we dont need those kind of players here in swtor. If you want arena, then what you need to do is go back to WoW. Ranked WZs are an awesome idea when they do get implemented and imho and I know I can speak for alot of players when I say this, are going to be awesome. I know im looking forward to it. "


Was he right ?