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12.20.2011 , 04:08 AM | #1
Im Englischen Forum gab es einen spannenden Thread zu Sprechblasen:

Ich begrüsse diese Option sehr. Es wäre ein Riesenvorteil, sich so mit den umstehenden Personen zu unterhalten.

Das kleine Chatfenster geht einfach unter und wir sowieso dauernd mit VK und LFG vollgespamt... da wäre eine Sprechblasenoption wirklich hervorragend.

was denkt ihr dazu?

Hier noch der originale Post aus dem englischen Forum:

Chat Bubbles: We need an option to enable them for say, yell and emote chat! | 12.17.2011 , 04:40 PM

Greetings, Bioware developers working on Star Wars: The Old Republic!

We really, really need a client-side option to enable chat bubbles for /say and possibly /yell and /emote chat to appear above character's heads and display the text that they type into those chat channels.

Socializing, roleplaying and even multiplayer combat, both PVE and PVP with other players is incredibly tedious without them.
Many people prefer to have their eyes on the action, which means they miss the chat around them when they focus on the action. Some choose to focus on the chat and miss the action entirely - forget to heal their mates, etc..

That's why we need an option to turn on chat bubbles (speech bubbles). Make it an optional toggle on/off option so every user can decide for themselves if they want chat bubbles to show on their client or not.

There are some visually impaired people that would thank you for chat bubbles as well.

Also, if there are indeed performance issues with the speech bubbles still (reportedly, that's why Bioware removed them during beta), a toggle option will give the users a chance to either sacrifice performance for playability and turn the chat bubbles on or turn them off and gain some performance.

Everybody wins! So please, developers, I beg you dearly to add chat bubbles already, they are an essential part of MMOs for many players. Thank you very much!