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12.17.2011 , 02:46 PM | #16
I highly doubt much will change on release day, people should be reporting broken and bugged things so the devs can fix them and there is quite alot of things that are either buggy or not designed well imo and to the opinion of others that ive spoken to.

However a good 75+% of the complaining posts are about things that are unbalanced in every other game at low lvl. X class is OP/bad, healing warfronts is bad, this is bad rarra. hardly any1 is 50 and no1 has good pvp gear with high expertese.
Please name me 1 game where low level pvp is as balanced as high level pvp. there isnt one, expertese/gear/talents and practice at 50 are all going to affect how players and classses do in pvp.

I dont understand why people dont just quest to 50 with the odd warzone in between then make a list of issues and post them in the appropriate areas. After a length of time if they arent fixed and you personaly dont enjoy the game you stop playing.

Personally i like the UI every1 seems to hate (although u should be able to move it) i like the global cd system and the visuals (not as pretty as rift but works better), the things i dislike arent really pvp based yet since i have only done a couple of warzones, but generally the games fine. and people shouldnt complain about stupid **** and focus on more important things bioware missed out like a combat log, only 2 entry raids, only 3 warfronts, non customisable UI in conjunction with no mods and ridiculously high ques on realms that seemingly have no people on them.

Getting explanations on these before the OMG MY DPZ IS LOW AT LVL 12 or I CANT HEAL PVP IM LVL 22 *** MAN. is far more important in my opinion.