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09.10.2019 , 10:57 AM | #3
There are many suggestions that would be valid IF IF IF we had the population for it.
For example, separate queues for the plays styles such as huttball or arenas as you suggest.
I would also love to see more balance match making, so that there would be no matches where one side has more tanks/heals than the other.
Of course pitting premades versus other premades instead of randoms.
anything and everything to create the most balanced, fairest, matches possible. Thats all ive ever championed around here and somehow that makes you a pariah with this crowd, but it hasnt changed my views. I hate to use this expression but any true PvPer would only want the same thing and let skill sort it out.
But the reality is that we dont have the populous for it, so we get what we get.
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