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So, starting sometime in 4.0, I began trying out PVP and started playing even more in 5.0, to the point I'm fairly regular with it now (although I often have to take breaks when I become too frustrated/annoyed with it). I have the same gripes as many of the other people here: Too much Huttball, teammates not bothering with objectives, and unbalanced teams.

Bioware has stated that they want to give players the ability to "play the way they want to play." Too that end, I suggest the following changes:
- Break Huttball off into it's own queue. The people who love Huttball can queue for it all they want, and the people who hate it can avoid it.
- Create a queue only for unranked arenas. This would be great for new players who want to get into ranked but need to practice and hone their skills before doing so.

So now you you would have 3 unranked queues: Huttball, Capture the Objective, and Arenas.

I don't play/queue for Ranked enough to offer too much insight into that. It seems like people are mostly happy/satisfied with it as it is. Maybe add 8v8s since I've seen some people asking for that?

However, while these changes would make a lot of people happy, it wouldn't fix some of the underlying problems in PVP: primarily people ignoring objectives. I think this is largely due to how Conquest objectives and timed weekly were implemented. These need to be totally overhauled.

Timed Weekly Objectives:
- Queue for and complete one Huttball match, queue for and complete one Capture the Objective match, and queue for and complete one unranked arena match.
- Queue for and complete 4 Ranked matches (solo or group)

The timed weekly should be about getting people to try out new types of game-modes, while also allowing those who already regularly complete it to get an easy "gimme." So you can either queue for all the different types of unranked matches, or queue for several ranked matches.

As for Conquest, I would get rid of all the "Do X amount of damage"/"Get X amount of Kills"/"Get X amount of medals" objectives. These objectives encourage players to play the "wrong" way. Your objectives should encourage players to play the "correct" way. Some ideas for conquest objectives:
- Score one touchdown (or whatever they're called) in a Huttball match.
- Assist a player in scoring a touchdown in a Huttball match. (Should give equal points as previous obj.)
- Capture an objective.
- Plant a bomb.
- Defend an objective for 2 un-interrupted minutes. (i.e. don't get kited away)
- Get 3 kills in a single arena match (only applies to unranked and ranked arenas)

Some of these might be too easy/hard, and the numbers could be adjusted slightly to make them more even, but you get the idea. You only earn conquest objectives by playing your game mode correctly. If you stand in the middle of Huttball and DPS, you earn no additional conquest points. If you actually try to score and win, you do.

Now, I fully recognize that there are plenty of trolls and bads out there who will continue to play badly no matter what they do, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't try to make things better. There are people who only PVP for the conquest points. There are people who play to win. There are people who just play for fun. There is room for all of these people in PVP, but we need to find some balance.

I don't know, they may even want to revamp the whole medal system as well to give people medals for playing the correct way. But something needs to change, and I'm trying to put forth some some ideas rather than just complaining endlessly. If you don't like my ideas, please tell me, how would you improve the current state of PVP?