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Be careful of what you ask because it might already be on the way.

I'm afraid the next Battlefront could be SWTOR killer.

You'll have massive fast paced multiplayer SW action. Add a couple of MMO elements and well start to be worried. Top that with micro-transactions and sand box elements and you don't even need a shovel to dig SWTOR grave. Both EA execs and the majority of the players will be more than happy to perform an euthanasia on the aging elephant and incinerate it.

Almost forgot, contrary to SWTOR, they do have the big budget both for development and marketing.
idk brah, most battlefront games I played (at the least 1 and 2, mainly 2. I haven't played Battlefront 3) the combat was literally a mess when it came to the Jedi characters, and they were so thoroughly OP that I refused outright to play as one of them. They were so difficult to play, and watching the Darth Maul clip for Battlefront 4 (I refuse to call it Battlefront 2) the combat doesn't look like it has changed much.

It might be different if EA brings out a PC game, but Battlefront is a PS game, totally different platforms. I understand what you're trying to say, but they're both completely different.