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JediAl is like Moses to water only it's not water that parts way around him, it's all malevolent gamesmanship! (This includes win trading, vote kicking, match throwing, and any other form of match manipulation that these fellows have found that we aren't even aware of yet!)

Seriously. You truly have a blessed SWTOR life all forms of bad avoid you! lol.
Yep. Over a thousand games this season. I'm an inside source that you could rely on for actual information about the state of solo ranked, but you seem much more interested in the fantasies in your head.

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When responding, please consider that I am explicitly not using this to draw any kind of conclusion about the format. I am simply stating why I, personally, do not choose to get more involved in the format.
This is fair enough, but you're slightly underselling the fact that you're only queueing on a dps guardian (correct me if I'm wrong on that). That doesn't justify any abuse for it, but when you play a class at the very bottom of the meta, in any online game, you have to expect that people will complain about it.

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That's someone else (another someone else) besides me that has expressed these types of problems. How about that Al? Like I said, it seems you somehow just avoid all of these kinds of scenarios. Lucky you.
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My sample size is statistically meaningless and ergo cannot support any argument as to trends in solo ranked
Also, what Kendra described sounds plausible to me. None of what she mentioned has anything to do with cheating or wintrading. That kind of toxicity can happen on occasion. Playing dps jugg in solo ranked is difficult because it's the worst class right now.

I played about 6 games last night. Every game was virtually the same. Everyone loaded in. Someone called a strat/kill order (usually me). Both teams played hard to win. When the match was over everyone left. In the vast majority of ranked matches on SF very little is said and the matches proceed normally. The problems really only happen when people come in undergeared or are constantly getting globaled. Even some of the more toxic people seem to have calmed down a bit lately.