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I play on SF, and haven't replied so far because
1. I didn't want to be ridiculed here
2. My sample size is statistically meaningless and ergo cannot support any argument as to trends in solo ranked

That said, I have done about 6 SR matches on probably 3 different toons since 6.0 dropped.

Once I was vote kicked for not playing a "real" class
Twice, I was told i should learn to play an actual class that wasn't overly easy. (Like seriously, their protest wasn't that guardians suck, it was that it was too easy to play and thus, shouldn't be allowed in SR).
The other 3 times I was called names and cursed at.

I won 4 of these matches. But seriously, why would I want to continue this game mode when my personal experience with it has been a dumpster fire. Again, I'm not pretending to speak for the format as a whole. My 6 matches cannot illustrate any kind of larger scale conclusion. But on a personal level, I have better things to do with my time than deal with those situations.

When responding, please consider that I am explicitly not using this to draw any kind of conclusion about the format. I am simply stating why I, personally, do not choose to get more involved in the format.

As for team ranked, I don't have a team. I have a 2-3 person guild.
That's someone else (another someone else) besides me that has expressed these types of problems. How about that Al? Like I said, it seems you somehow just avoid all of these kinds of scenarios. Lucky you.
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