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On SF? This season, I haven't seen any cheating/wintrading associated with the toxicity/kicking (except for one wintrader early in the season who happened to reset or delete the toon that he did it on lol). I can't remember the last time I saw a wintrading accusation either. I've only heard of such things happening on DM.

There seems to be such a divergence now that it really requires clarification between SF and DM when posting in threads like this.
JediAl is like Moses to water only it's not water that parts way around him, it's all malevolent gamesmanship! (This includes win trading, vote kicking, match throwing, and any other form of match manipulation that these fellows have found that we aren't even aware of yet!)

Seriously. You truly have a blessed SWTOR life all forms of bad avoid you! lol.
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