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Just make their purple-stuff BoE, problem solved.
From what I've seen the purple stuff isn't the best stuff, its just reusable. I prefer the blue ones I've made so far.

I made the reusable stim for level 8, but the 2 kinds of blue ones I made were better. (maybe you can keep going and RE the purples to make better purples I don't know.)

My favorite stim is the blue one that heals both the companion and player at the same time (but for a lesser amount) and includes a heal over time.

The next favorite is the one that only heals the player and includes the Hot. It heals for a larger amount so if I'm the only one taking damage or the companion is already down I use that one.

I've tried to sell both types on the GTN for just slightly more than the Medical droid prices and so far sell very few.

I haven't bothered REing for any more reusable purples at higher levels since I can make my own supply of better Blue stims it seems pointless.