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12.31.2011 , 06:50 AM | #1
Hello all!

I've been seeing a lot of threads about "nerf biochem since slicing was nerfed" and "now it's time to nerf biochem". But from what I could tell slicing was nerfed due to it working NOT as intended and giving out WAY to many credits compared to others. Where as people are now complaining that biochem is now op since it is the only thing that is worth a darn. Now the point I am getting at is, instead of nerfing biochem (which I guess people are saying to take out some of the re useable buffs, or either make it harder to obtain?) is to instead buff the other skills with something worthwhile instead of nerfing biochem and making all skills not very good at all.

That's my thoughts on this, I would like to see others views on this as well.

Thank you for your time

<3 Triple