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1.2 didn't change only sents/maras. there were changes to pretty much every other class as well as sweeping global changes. expertise linear scaling. increased top tier expertise values. healing nerfs. changes to defensive cooldowns of other classes. basically everyone's damage went up and survivability decreased, but sent/mara survivability decreased a lot less relative to most other classes. your douchey analysis is too limited and does not reflect the entirety of 1.2 changes.

I rerolled mara on a populated server, left my two non-mara BM 50s and multiple alts behind on some dead rock. My server's pvp community was tiny and the imps were heavy on maras even before the patch notes were announced, so i know which maras were bad and which were good. Post-patch even the bad maras were destroying people. Their good healers either stopped playing as much or rerolled maras with similar names. In my experience maras have a lot of options to survive. Bad ones don't use them and die, good ones use them and are OP. In the 1.2 environment maras will usually kill people before the maras even need to worry about their multiple offensive/defensive cooldowns unless they are outnumbered. then the bad ones die, and the good ones still might win or escape.
As I do agree with your statement on survivability you seemed to have only played a mara after the fact. yes everyones survivability went down maybe less so with mara but maras were the squishiest of classes by far thus making your analysis just as douchey as his