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Here are the changes made to sentinel in 1.2

Awe no longer costs Focus to activate.
It's a mezz. With 1 min cd. Doesn't make much difference.

Dispatch can now be used on targets at or below 30% of maximum health (up from 20%).
Well guess what. All other classes can use their execute ability @ 30%

Force Kick no longer costs Focus to activate.
It's an interrupt. Nothing else.

Force Leap now places a "root" visual effect on the affected target.
Probably the most OP thing EVER.

Master Strike can no longer be interrupted, and its damage has been increased by approximately 15%.
The ONLY damage increase. It's a 30 sec cd. Just stun/knockback/move 5 steps to the side and there you go, you interrupted it.

Crippling Throw's "Trauma" effect can no longer be cleansed.
It's the only thing that can prevent 2-3 healers healing each other. Should had been uncleansable from the start.

Force Camouflage now additionally reduces all damage taken by 50% while active.
Just fyi, before 1.2 we could had spec'd into 100% damage reduction. And there was no QQ about it.

Pacify no longer has a Focus cost and is no longer limited by the global cooldown.
Considering the massive damage it deals, yeah, it's sooooo imba.

Transcendence now affects all Operation Group members.
It's a bug fix.

Zen (while in Ataru Form) now additionally reduces the Focus cost and global cooldown of Cyclone Slash.
Nothing to see here.

Focused Pursuit has been replaced by Focused Leap, which increases the Focus generated by Force Leap.
Doesn't change anything for watchman, since it was possible to get it pre-1.2.

Force Fade no longer grants damage reduction while Force Camouflage is active. It now increases the duration of Force Camouflage by 1 second per point and increases the movement speed bonus of Force Camouflage by 10% per point.
Good thing to waste 2 points tbh.

Inflammation now applies a 50% movement speed reduction (up from 30%).

Valor is now located in Tier 1 of the skill tree and has replaced Quick Recovery.
So we lost pretty much any aoe (except for focus spec).

There you go. Now which change caused all of the QQ threads to appear?

And for all the guarded by the force/undying rage whiners - it's there since 1.0, even since the beta, and there wasn't a single thread about it before 1.2.

Just because your precious tracer lightning spam got nerfed, doesn't mean all of the other classes should get nerfed as well. It just shows how bad you are, when you have to use more than 1 button.
That is all.

PS.: L2P

TL;DR: The ONLY damage increase in 1.2 for sentis/maras was the 15% buff for master strike/ravage, guarded/undying rage was there since 1.0, so how come there was no QQ about it before?