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I posted a similar thread in General Discussion. They moved it here, without informing me or asking. So I assume they would do the same, however you already having thread here may just cause them to close it.
Yeah, that's what happened.

Bioware Employees: PLEASE! Don't be so cruel. a Simple "Yes, we are looking into your complaints." or "No, working as intended." Is all I'm asking for!

Instead, I feel like this "healer" forum has been created as a place for people to vent and be forgotten about.

I mean seriously! You've acknowledged Sentinel/Marauder and begun addressing them! You've acknowledged Operative/Scoundrel burst DPS imbalances and begun nerfing it!

Someone has to have seen that every post by Operative/Scoundrel Healers has been talking about how unsatisfying it is to work our tails off trying to accomplish what Sorcerer/Sages achieve without breaking a sweat and still coming up sub-par.

Someone has to have brought this up, or put it on an action list, or deprioritized it or something!

We just want to know we're being heard! Is that too much to ask!?
Bioware hates healing such that they won't take any healing problems seriously. Support your local healers. Boycott the Patch 1.2 Healing Nerfs. Make it clear to the Devs that their idea of "balance" is unacceptable. Unsubscribe Today