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I agree with the OP. I've been a healer since the original EQ, and have seen a lot of creative attempts by devs to get away from the cleric goddess that EQ created. Most notably was City of Heroes, which had a "healing" class - healing in quotes because the class could prevent damage if only players would stand near her.

I found that other players would much rather go off and do their own thing, and I had very limited abilities to keep them alive if they did so. There were a couple of other creative "healing" classes that could keep people from harm, which worked well if they cooperated, but failed if they didn't.

From which I learned the "best" healing class was one that could heal stupid. It turned me off from being a healer for a long time.

I decided to be a healer again in SWTOR, and deliberately chose the class that I judged best able to heal "stupid" - the Sith Inquisitor. I also play an Imperial Agent turned healer. While both can do an adequate job when things go well, the Sith can handle the unexpected so much better.

I'm pretty sure that the devs designed these classes on paper, and didn't take into account player behavior, the poor UI (how long did it take you figure out how to assist?), poor aggro management tools, or bugs in the game - all of which give a decided advantage to a healer that can heal "stupid", even if the stupidity is not the player's fault.

And ultimately, the devs will design difficult encounters based upon healers who can handle the unexpected, so it was silly of them to design healing classes that perform best when all goes well. They will design these final encounters to ensure that it doesn't.