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I wouldn't really say it's a myth if it shows a difference on the character sheet (as it does per Kendra's testing). If anything, it's a bug that it doesn't show the actual armor rating after bolster if all the stats show difference. As an example, when I play ruffian scoundrel, if I have ~31% DR. After 2-stack probes it's ~37%. With probes, plus defense screen collapse buff, I have ~52% DR. This DR is a sum of armor rating + other DR. It's also broken down between elemental/internal and kinetic.

(this is all off of potentially faulty memory... i'm not currently looking at a character sheet. So i apologize if any info is inaccurate)

That said, doesn't armor only protect against white damage? i.e. discharge is elemental/energy. Did you try saber attack?

PS - not trying to challenge you - i'm just a skeptic at heart.
PPS - I was getting elemental confused with energy. Energy is grouped with kinetic damage, not elemental/internal.
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