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I'm beginning to suspect that with all the Tac items and set bonuses, pvp will be set to max bolster, and the only thing we'll be grinding for pvp is are the set bonuses and such. I wonder if they will change bolster to increase armor rating. It's currently ignored by bolster, which in turn makes a player more squishy.

F expertise.
this is actually a myth that I personaly disproved just before 5.10

me and szopen (? I think was his name) grabbed our sins and put this myth to rest.

so basically szopen was in a full min maxed assassin gear set. I had 2 sets, a full min maxed 248 with 240 augs and I had a 230 un auged set.

szopen used discharge on me 2 times in both sets .he did approxmiately 18k dmg all 4 discharges.

in summary: armor rating does not increase your damage reduction, it is only there so you as a player can identify its value. the only thing that changes with armor rating is generaly the higher it is the more stats it has, therefore more damage.