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I have been the biggest advocate of this but I have since changed by mind with the recent info.

I would rather swtor pvp was max bolster than any other system. and as of right now its the most likely 6.0 system for pvp gear.

my reasons are simple: pvers hated expertise due to misinformation on it leading to people believing it was a gear advantage. which bring the second reason: expertise is not a gear advantage, it is a standin for gearless (max bolster) pvp. expertise did not increase your damage or increase your damage reduction, it simply was a gear set that only worked in pvp was easy to earn and could counter pve operation gear.

max bolster will achieve the same thing. have operation gear? no one cares, because I have entry 75 gear and Im as strong as you.
I was also a proponent of bringing back the old system, but I have to agree with this “if” Bioware implements the Max Bolster properly and doesn’t leave gap for “some” to still get a small advantage.