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So I know that Shadow KC is a poor choice for solo play but the advice everyone gives for picking a class is choosing the one you want to play/suits you best.
I wouldn't sell tanks short on the DPS side. It could be your gear choices rather than your class choice. I've since been leveling my Sin/Shadow tanks and they seem to be going a lot faster than my deception through solo story. The AE dps is MUCH nicer on the tanks. However, I am using 100% DPS gear without any tanking defensive stats (just passed deception DPS gear to tank via legacy).

In general, across all MMOs, the ideal is to be as offensive (DPS oriented) as possible whether that's your main role or not, but "as possible" is a world of grey peppered with trial&error and salted with personal taste. I've had no problems tanking Vet FPs in 100% DPs or in unranked PvP. I strongly suspect there might be issues doing that with MM FPs or OPs.

BTW, don't be shy about skipping as much as you can via stealth. If the quest doesn't call out for a kill, likely you can skip. The less killing you do, the faster you finish.