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11.08.2019 , 05:55 PM | #6
Thank you all for the replies. I don't know how to quote multiple posts so please excuse the bad etiquette. So I'm not quite done with KOTFE but I am max level with an iRating of 274. I've noticed how much defense is on the tank gear and I have been replacing what gear I can with power gear. I think my power is a little under 1000. I know that a tank would obviously take longer to vanquish enemies than a DPS class but when I tried to do the Eternal Championship (is that what its called?) I got my butt handed to me in the second fight and it seemed obvious I would never make through all 10 rounds. I saw the suggestion of switching to infiltration, which I was already considering, and that probably seems like the best option available to me.

So I know that Shadow KC is a poor choice for solo play but the advice everyone gives for picking a class is choosing the one you want to play/suits you best. I really like the Shadow KC and the class checks all the boxes of what I wanted. Darth Maul style lightsaber, survivability, and utility for when I'm ready to make the jump to group content. I've been too chicken to try any group content but I saw the suggestion of doing veteran or master mode FP. For a total noob who has never done group content, what content should I cut my teeth on? I don't think I'm ready for pvp but I guess there is something about going straight to the deep end if I don't want to be a solo casual anymore