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Before 6.0 my shadow tank was doing just fine soloing content. Some fights or missions were kind of a slog but not to the point where I was getting bored. Now after the update its a slog just to get through the trash. Is it because my toon isn't DPS or do I really suck that bad at this game?

EDIT: ok I should say I'm not trying to troll. I posted earlier real quick waiting for my daughter to get dropped off the bus. I'm a first time subscriber from September this year. I was getting by before Onslaught but now my toon feels helpless. Did the game get harder for anybody else?
I woudln't say it's *harder* as such, just harder work. (That is, it's a slog rather than a hazard.) That said, all three tank discipline-pairs (Shadow/Assassin, Vanguard/Powertech, Guardian/Juggernaut) are significantly slower at killing stuff than their DPS equivalents, and I found the disparity for shadows to be bigger than for guardians. (Shadow tanks are *slow* at killing stuff, slow enough that I got tired of it half-way round one of the Traitor Arc flashpoints and switched from KC to Infiltration. Even with full tank gear, it still went faster as Infi than KC.)
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