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11.08.2019 , 12:45 AM | #2
KOTET + Onslaught was pretty easy in story-mode: i220 deception assassin (DPS / stealth) after not playing at all for ~3 years. No gear updgrades until L75 with Onslaught i268 mission rewards.

BTW, I've played a LOT of different MMOs. Here's how I'd rate a couple other games along with SW:ToR -- kinda so you can maybe calibrate my opinions to yours if you've played one of them:

  • player skill req'd: SW:ToR = very low, Tera = very high, FFXIV = moderate, SWL = low
  • story/immersion: SW:ToR = good, Tera = zero, FFXIV = good, SWL = very good
  • gear/grinding: SW:ToR = low (old impression from pre-KotFE), Tera = high, FFXIV = medium, SWL = medium
  • UI/QoL: SW:ToR = good, Tera = poor, FFXIV = mediocre, SWL = poor
  • community: SW:ToR = juvenile, Tera = toxic, FFXIV = amazing, SWL = nice

IMHO, SW:ToR would likely be in my top-3 for "good for casuals". FFXIV would win "best for MMO newbies". SWL for "best solo in an MMO" and "best overall story". I'm unsure how you'd weight story, but if you like it, SW:ToR's class stories are truly unique and very good. There's nothing else like them anywhere. KotFE and later are professionally-polished drivel.

If you're struggling in KotFE+ content, roll up a different class and play that until it's story is over. They're all worth it and you'll get some synergy for playing a variety. Or, try PVP. Oddly, in SW:ToR (at least 3 years ago), the PVP peeps were a lot less ornery than general chat. In unranked, as long as you're trying, they'll like you. If you're trying and succeeding, they'll adore you. Bolster means you need v.little gear and matches are quick.